Inspection Process

Homes vary widely in their condition.  Some have been maintained, may have already been inspected, and had deficiencies corrected.  Others have not.  Our goal at High Value Home Services, LLC is to give the Customer a realistic report on the home’s condition, particularly any deficiencies that we believe may require larger costs to correct or are significant safety issues, as quickly as possible.  The process of discovering these defects requires a methodical, detailed, and documented approach.  Using the latest technology available is instrumental to a successful product.

The process begins by the Customer scheduling the home inspection.  This can be done over the phone or by filling out the form on this web site.  The Customer’s contact information and details about the home to be inspected will be gathered.  Next an inspection agreement will be created on our web based inspection software system and access information sent to the Customer via an email.  Reviewing and clicking the AGREE button is an important step for the Customer as the agreement has a great deal of detail on what to expect from the home inspection.  We want to make sure you are satisfied with our services.  Feel free to call if there are ANY questions regarding the agreement.

The inspector will arrive a little before the appointment time in order to take curbside pictures and prepare for the inspection.  If the Customer or real estate agent is participating in the inspection (very much encouraged) this would be the time we would review the overall approach and a general time line of the process.  Once the onsite inspection is complete, we review the preliminary results with the Customer (and their real estate representative if we are given permission), answer any questions, etc.  Within 24 hours (normally) the Customer will receive an email that has the link to a full report of all the deficiencies found. In order to have access to this report payment for the inspection will be required. There will be a lot of information contained in the report.  Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions.